Dare to Share with Zimbabwe

A Tale of Two Cities
(Saturday September 16, 2006)

Adrienne and Jonathan started their journey from Raleigh NC, They arrived at the RDU, ready to go at four thirty. It seemed as though there were going to be some open seats to stretch out on but the weather had other ides. The open seats had to be given to some New York passengers that had to be rerouted. (darn those Yankees, they always messing up the south). The trip was uneventful with a nice travel packet, including toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, and lotion, given during the flight. It even included the ever-elusive tube of toothpaste. What a luxury for today’s traveler.

Brian’s trip started in the city of Denver, then moved through the city of Houston and on to London. The trip from Houston to London was a very uneventful trip. There was even an added bonus. I was on the window seat and the seat next to me was open. There were only two open seats on the flight and mine was one of them. It was nice to stretch out. I was able to get caught up on some reading and then some movies I have not previously seen. Unfortunately, for some reason I am not able to sleep on long haul trips, so was able to read quite a bit and watch a few movies.

The three of us met up in London with no snags and then it was off to Heathrow airport to check our bags in for the Harare and then off to the city for some sightseeing. There was only one catch. Once we got to Heathrow we found out with the new rules we were not able to check our bags in unless it was within three hours of the flight. We decided it was much easier to hang around the airport than to drag out bags through the city of London. We set up “camp” in the airport Italian restaurant and just enjoyed each others company. We talked about the trip, life in general and played UNO. While making a call Jonathon ran across a woman from Canada who unfortunately had missed her flight to Jordan. He was able to share a calling card so she could get everything straightened out. When we left the issue was not resolved but we had given a number of ideas to try. I pray that she was able to get to her destination.

Well it was finally time to check in Brian was able to electronically check in, but Jonathon and Adrienne were not. (On a side note, if you are ever going to travel and need your bags packed talk to Adrienne Barnhart!!!! I am convinced she took bag packing 101 in college. The bag with materials for the ministry was 31.8 kg….and it had to be under 32.) So we stood in the customer service line. Brian had seat 36a while Adrienne and Jonathon who had no “assigned seat” had been upgraded to travelplus. I was very disappointed (insert puppy dog eyes) to say the least. Well God does work miracles, I found, when boarding the plane, the girl who had checked me in moved me up to travelplus as well. (Travel plus means extra leg room, extra body room and nice food.)

- Brian

The People Are So Warm and Friendly
(Sunday September 17, 2006)

What a joy to arrive in Zimbabwe. Two very incredible brothers and one sister in the Lord met us. There seemed to be an immediate connection. Everyjoy, Trevor and Baba made us feel at home right away. We rode back to the house and unpacked the things we had brought for the ministry. Now mind you by this time Jonathon and I had not slept since Thursday night. Adrienne was able to catch a nice sleep on both plane rides.

We attended church at the Bible College where Jonathon and Everyjoy had graduated. When I say the music amazing it is an understatement. The message was very good as well. It was all about priorities. It was a dual service spoken in Shona and then translated into English. The people are so warm and friendly. After the service as the leave the church, they shake hands with one the first person and then stand next to that first person. They continue to do this until everyone has joined the line and shaken everyone’s hand. What a great way to end the service. What I enjoyed most was they look you in the eye when they shake your hand.

After church we headed into downtown Harare and had lunch at Chicken Inn. It was great to sit down really get to meet and learn about Baba, Everyjoy and Trevor. It was at that dinner that we decided, Brian, Trevor and Baba, to go the watch the national team play Angola. It was so great. The Warriors (Zimbabwe) and their fans were so much fun. They played a very good game. There were many scoring opportunities, so close but they were not able to put it in the goal. The score ended 2-1, Angola. I was so proud to be next to my new friends and cheering for the home team!!!! After the game we headed home and caught up with the rest of the group. We talked about the rest of the week and some plans. There is an upcoming barbecue on Sat, and we are to get out to some of the more rural areas to meet the families that Jonathon is involved with. We will see what the week has to bring. I am so excited to be here.

- Brian

Given the Opportunity to Witness
(Monday September 18, 2006)

What a beautiful day that we awoke to here in Harare today. It is spring here and the trees, shrubs and flowers are beginning to bloom all around us. My favorite is the Jacaranda tree, it is blooming this purple flower. Everjoy told me by the time we fly home it will be a blanket of color when we look out over the land. What a great symbol of God’s royalty and power over His earth.

We began to prepare for the BBQ that we will hold on Saturday for all the benefactors of Dare to Share. I pray for patience as anticipation is building in me about all the wonderful people we will meet.

Today we were given the opportunity to witness to a group of 10-12 men about our faith in Christ. We are waiting on the Lord as to the mighty work He is doing in their lives. We ended our day with dinner with some dear friends, Denford and Shingi from Dare to Share Ministries. Then back to the flat for some prayer and praise time to refuel our minds and souls for tomorrows work. Praising God for his hand in our lives today. Psalm 34:15-22

- Adrienne

God Showed Me the Children
(Tuesday September 19, 2006)

We started our day with devotions led by Jonathan. We discussed Psalms 23 as we prepared for our day. The men had their agenda for the day, while Everjoy and I spent the day shopping for the ministry. We purchased many items needed for a basic kitchen and began to purchases food for the week. It is crazy to figure out the cost of things with the exchange rate, great math for someone else.

The men meet us again for lunch and then we parted again to continue are different ministries for the day. The men spent the day in fellowship with other men. We are praising God for the mighty work that was done today in Harare, Zimbabwe. Brian is bonded a brotherhood through Christ with Trevor and Baba, who he has made him his spiritual father now.

While in town today we (Everjoy and I) spent time just watch the people and God showed me the children alone in the streets. I caught the attention of a little girl, so happy and unaware of her life. Skipping, smiling and eating a freeze-its. She is beautiful. After dinner, we prepared a soup so that tomorrow night we can go out and feed them.

- Adrienne

Our New Friends
(Wednesday September 20, 2006)

Firstly I would to thank God for the good time he is giving us with our new friends. Anyway let me get you updated about our last experience we went to our rural area to see our mother it was fun for us. It was fun for us because we went all the way sitting in the back of the truck ooh boy you can tell the wind blowing direct into your face it was fun, also we had the opportunity to take photos while the truck was cruising.

Here is the good part all the way it was paved highway and we reached to a dust road and we traveled for the 19 miles just being jolted into the road ditches it was fun we enjoyed it. When we got home guess what no one was home we had to go to the garden which was about a mile and we met her on the way.

The trip was fun and also Brian is beating me up everyday on this game UNO that’s what he thinks but we always share wins. Guys we having lots of fun this side you should come over on the next trip wait up they is something else Brian was afraid of cattle just kidding he liked them he wanted to pack one in his bag so that he can bring over for you guys to see especially the one which was too hairy.

- Trevor

Amazing Humbleness
(Wednesday September 20, 2006)

It really was a great to day get out and see the beautiful countryside of Zimbabwe. The ride out to visit Jonathans mom was incredible. There is such a striking difference between the stark rocks and hills and the diversity in the number of trees and vegetation. It is a very dry time right now but will be changing in the next few months as the rainy season begins.

There is an amazing humbleness of each person that we meet along the way. The people here are so concerned that we are taken care of and our needs met before theirs. It is a bit overwhelming when you are working side by such with people of such depth and conviction.

As Trevor stated we bought the cow for the barbeque that will be held on Saturday. It will be an exciting time (9am to 2pm). It will be a time to meet people all over Zimbabwe that are being directly benefited by Dare to Share. If you could truly understand the sacrifice that people are making so the barbeque will go and for the people to get to the barbeque, I believe each one of us would take more time to thank God for the blessings he gives us every day.

Every day my love for the people of the country grows!!! It is very hard to explain. I tried to think about what is happening. I am caught up in the experience of the trip, is it travelers “romance” etc. I can honestly say it is the people. For every person you meet there are ten more stories of selfless acts.

Dinner was great last night. We had sadza which seems to be a staple here. It looks like mashed potatoes, but has more of a grainy feel. You roll into a ball with your fingers and then dip in meat gravy. It is very good.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Time has moved so fast and I have loved every moment of being. My heart goes through heaviness each time I think about my impending trip home. Don’t get me wrong. I do miss everyone back home, but I feel as though as I found a second home!! Until the next blog!

- Brian

We Were Invited
(Friday September 22, 2006 )

I must apologize upfront for missing yesterdays blog. It was an extremely busy day. We spent much of the day shopping for food and items that are needed for the office. It seems as though we get the day going and the next thing you know it is midnight or 1 am. The days have been very full and there always seems something to do. We do try and make sure we get a nice devotion time in either the morning or evening. It is a great focusing and connecting time. The morning started out a bit chaotic. There were many people needing to go many different directions. Baba and Everjoy were off to pick up the cow. Trevor and Jonathan to downtown Harare to run some errands. Adrienne and Brian were back at home base with a list of things that needed to be done. It is such a blessing to have so many hands to get much accomplished.

To be honest the list for Brian and Adrienne started two nights ago. They both had the bright idea of helping to rearrange the office for better workflow and more room. That led to Adrienne doing quite a bit of setting up files and organization. Let me just tell you, if your house needs organizing, HIRE HER!!!! Brian tried to help but ended up testing out the new location of the couch for about half an hour. He also had a friend to help as well. At that point things really picked up.

Yesterday a cousin of Jonathan passed away. We were invited to attend the funeral. It was very touching to be part of such an event as it is a very private experience. There were many family members there. Some we had met previously and others that were new to us. The family was very friendly and seemed to welcome the “outsiders”.

There was a great deal of singing and both Jonathan and his brother gave a message/challenge. We then walked to the gravesite about 2-3 miles away. There was a graveside extension of the earlier service. It was very nice to meet some of Jonathan’s brothers, sisters, and brother in law. After the service we helped to get a number of people back to their homes and then ourselves headed home.

Trevor and Everjoy combined their efforts to cook a fantastic dinner. Adrienne headed to bed, early, as she was feeling a little under the weather. I think the traveling, time change, and schedule has finally caught up with her. A good night sleep will do her well. Brian, Jonathan, Trevor, Baba and Everjoy sat down to a much-needed dinner at 9 pm. It consisted of chicken, rice and squash. After dinner it was time to prepare the cow for the brie (Zimbabwe barbeque).

Yes that is our hands in the heart of the cow. It took about two hours to bag and separate all the meat that we had received from the butchery. The first time I have ever touched the stomach of a cow. We are so looking forward to tomorrow, as we will get to meet approximately 300 people. What an event it will be. The brie will start at 9 am and last until 2 pm. I wish you could all be here to join us. It will be the perfect opportunity for us to meet the many different peoples that Jonathan and Robin have the occasion to touch on a daily basis. I cannot stress how welcoming and downright friendly everyone has been to us so far.

Quick weather update---- the weather here is INCREDIBLE…..today was the first day we saw a cloud, and it was a nice fluffy one. The days have been somewhere between 87 and 95, but can you say NO HUMIDITY. We are expecting more of the same for the next few days. The nights have been a bit cool which I love, not sure every one else here feels the same way.

Always wanted to give you the nightly UNO update. Contrary to what Trevor has said we seem to be pretty even when it comes to the number of games one. Today seemed to be Adrienne’s day as well. We seem to be finding new converts to the game each day. It is a great-relaxed way to meet people. I think we are finding it creates a more relaxed atmosphere, which allows for more quality time.

Also wanted to give the weekly soccer outlook for all who have sent notes asking. We are to go to see Dynamos vs Caps United, Sunday after church. There is going to be a nice size group going. They are the top two teams in Zimbabwe right now and I hear the atmosphere is electric. Baba is beside himself and cannot wait to go. Everjoy has her Dynamos shirt cleaned and ready to go. We drove by the stadium the other day as we were running errands. I cannot wait!!!!!!

Talk to you all later tomorrow and thank you for the posts to the blog. It is so great to hear from folks back in the States. As much as we miss you, WE LOVE IT HERE!!!!!

- Brian

When You Hear Their Stories
(Saturday September 23, 2006)

Well we were off and running again this morning. As Adrienne stated we were up until about three putting together the packages to hand out. I had the luxury of sleeping in until 9 am. It was so nice. There was a very nice breeze blowing when we woke up. We jumped right into the day by making coleslaw. I was given a crash course on how to cut the cabbage. I have always struggled with making food. My best cooking usually comes at chic-fil-a. I would like a number 3 combo and can you value size that. When after everyone got over the continuous laughing at how thick my strips were, Everjoy gave me some remedial training. Cane and I hit our stride and within the hour and half we had make eight very large bowls of cabbage (otherwise know as salad). We transferred the salad to the house where the gathering was being held and started to get to know people.

I met a pastor who had gotten up at 3am, with great expense to himself, and rode about 4 hours on a bus to join us. The dedication and care the pastors display in overwhelming. We talked for about an hour and I met a host of other people. Everyone really went out of his or her way to make me feel welcome.

The barbecue was a blast. There were a ton of kids and they kept me constantly busy wanting to be thrown in the air, or twirled in a circle. Think I will need a back adjustment when I get back to the states. It was also great to personally serve so many people who had come from very long distances to participate in the barbecue. It really drove home just how many people Dare to Share are impacting. When you hear their stories, it is all the more amazing. I think I have picked up about four more friends today. After a meeting with everyone there, a talk given by Jonathan, and some gospel singing by his brother (the boy can dance), we then began to hand out the care packages as Adrienne explained earlier.

A bunch of the guys decided it was time to play soccer so we rounded up a ball and played a game of five on five. Jonathan can really get around for an old guy. We played until the sun set and yes the old guys did win. As you can see I was running so fast I am a blur. I wish It was only by one goal. I know also have my Shona nickname, thank you Stanley, Mabala (who is a common soccer player in Zimbabwe). Well again another night to bed at 1 am. Signing off from Zim. See you tomorrow same bat channel same bat time.

- Brian

Humbled to be a Servant to His People
(Saturday September 23, 2006)

Praising God for a beautiful day. As you know from yesterday’s blog I went to bed really early. I feel much better after 16 hours of sleep and some great porridge that was made by both Baba and Everjoy. I felt bad though as the rest of the team was up till 3 am preparing the meat for the distribution while I was sleeping! God brought me back to health though just in time to help distribute the food after the BBQ. I was so happy to be able to join the fun. The people here are so nice and it was wonderful to be blessed by their presence. I just smile a lot and had a chance to say hello and God bless them as I gave then their food. I am humbled to be a servant to His people.

After all the food was eaten and monthly distribution was done. I had a chance to hang with a few of the little girls and dance and sing, just be silly. They were so sweet. The ladies that had been cooking all day were laughing at me when they saw me dancing with the girls. I am amazed daily at the little things that know matter where you are in the world all of us do. Dance, clapping games, throwing dirt at each other, chasing, girls with their hand on their hip and playing soccer!

While I was still resting the crew (Everjoy, Cain and yes Brian too!) made coleslaw. Wes and Diana, he can make you some when me gets home. He is an expert now.

Note: The beneficiaries receive the following each month to feed their families that otherwise would starve to death. 2 kg. rice, 2 kg. beans, 750 ml cooking oil, 1 kg of salt and 1 kg. beef. My family eats that in one or two nights. How about yours?

- Adrienne

A Day of Worship and Soccer
(Sunday September 24, 2006)

I want to echo the sentiments of Everyjoy. It was a perfect day from beginning to end. We started off the day a little rough. The clutch on the new truck went and cannot figure out what is going on. We have it working to where we can get around for right now but will need to see the car doctor soon.

The church service was such a treat. There were about 12 different churches that were attending. The choirs were amazing. We heard about five of them, but due to time they had to cut them short. In total there were approximately 700 people all together. They had us stand up and introduced us. We received a very warm welcome. Jonathan was saying that many people came up to him after the service, saying how special it was for us to attend. They made that comments that whites do not come into the area. They were very pleased that we were there. I can say it was an honor for me to attend. It was also nice to attend a service where everyone was not looking at his or her watch. The service started at 9 am and ended at 1 pm. The message was very straightforward and to the point how committed one is to their faith. There was so much variety that the time flew. We also met a woman from California that moved to Zim about 20 years ago. She is a Nurse Practitioner. It was great to hear what she was doing as she works in a rural hospital.

Well after the service we headed off to Rufaro Stadium to watch a game between Dynamos and Buymore. Dynamos were the side we were voting for. It was such an incredible atmosphere. Our best guess is that about 30,000 people were there. There was a group of eight of us that went to the game. It was nice to be able to treat some of our new friends to a day of relaxation. Most of them had never been to the live game but only watched it on TV. What a thrill. On the way out there were so many nice comments from the Dynamos fans. Sorry we were not able to take any pictures at the stadium.

They were as follows:

Dynamos is very lucky as they are growing bigger with supporters- (they were referring to the two new white fans)

A bus passing by wanted to know how Adrienne enjoyed the game.

A guy came up to me and thanked me for being a Dynamos fan. He wanted to know why and how long.

A group walked by us at the car clapping and chanting—THIS IS UNITY, THIS IS UNITY, BLACKS AND WHITES TOGETHER.

Being the only “white” folks in the crowd was a very new concept for the game. Let’s just say it was one of those life-defining moments. The game was very close but nobody ended up scoring. Although we would have liked to see them win, it was a great game!

After the game we headed back to the house for dinner, devotions, debrief of the week and planning for the upcoming week. Thank you so much for all the letters, posts and encouragement. It really means the world to us. My heart grows heavier each day as my day of departure draws closer.

Look forward to spending some time with you tomorrow.

- Brian

Day Full of Blessings
(Sunday September 24, 2006)

God is so good all the time. His love and grace is sufficient for us. He is an awesome God, full of wonders.

Today was a beautiful day full of blessings. This morning we went to Warren Park, one of our high-density areas to attend a big Sunday. We have this kind of gathering after every three months where all the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in and around Harare come together to fellowship and to share every thing in common. It was awesome to see the children of God coming together as one body. Really, this body was made complete when Brian and Adrienne join us here in Zimbabwe.

They took us to the nation football (soccer) game today. This was my first time to be in the stadium. It was very exciting to be there and share the enjoyment with our new American friends. Brian was so impressed that I know all the rules and plays and was not just smile and pretending to know. Although our team did not win the most important was that they did not either!

I never get to sleep because they are here. I am so exhausted that I cannot wait for Brian to leave. He cheats at cards and brother Jonathan still won! Anyone else at home know this about Brian? ? ? ? ? ? It is all in fun.

Brian is even going so far as to ask for worms for dinner tomorrow. What would you say? Yum or Yuck?

- Everjoy

Zuva Renyu Ranga Rakanaka here? (How has been your day?)
(Monday September 26, 2006)

The Lord is so good to me and so I praise the Lord for giving me another beautiful day here in Africa. Brian has a heavy heart today as his time is coming to an end with us. He has had such a great time visiting with his new brothers in Christ. You will hear from him again tomorrow on his last day.

Today we started our day in the Dare to Share Office seeing beneficiaries of this awesome ministry. The people are so thankful for the future that lies out in front of them from the schooling opportunity. Daily requests come in for help for schooling and food. Many teens are carrying the pressures to raise their sibling’s children that have been orphaned. Here they are children themselves and now they are in a parenting role. My heartaches for there lose of their childhood and the sadness of their loss of parents. If I think too much about it, it will overwhelm me. I got the pray with a group of ladies before they journeyed home for the day. I feel so blessed to be used by God to do this work.

Later, we headed to the city for lunch with Pastor Denford and shopping in the city market. We had a great time seeing all the items that they make. Lots of wire art, fabrics, pictures, and many items made of stone and wood. Some would have been nice to bring home but they were too large to carry back. But it was great fun. The city is so busy with people moving here and there. But just like at home there is always someone you run into that you know.

Dinner was wonderful as the men (Cain, Trevor and Brian) made dinner for us ladies tonight. Not bad for three guys that don’t cook to often. We won’t mention the apples (Trevor tried to make a dessert that turned out to be dried apples when they were finally taken out of the oven.) but we won’t mention that. But truly we enjoyed having the evening off.

We ended our evening with a friendly round of UNO. This evening though we changed up things and have moved to speed UNO. What a blast! Of coarse the rule was the first one to 200 point had to do the dishes and the guys ganged up on me. So, YES I had to go do dishes while everyone else continued to play.

One last thing: Tomorrow we are going to go see the lions, monkeys and all the other wonderful creatures God created to live in Africa. We are sooooooo excited!!!!!!
Take to you again later. Peace!

- Adrienne

My Hope is...
(Tuesday September 26, 2006)

It is with great sorrow and sadness that I say goodbye to Zimbabwe. I believe I have found a second home. Today was my last day in this wonderful country. It was an emotional roller coaster. The day, as always started with a flurry. We were up and running at 7:30 am. There were beneficiaries knocking on the door right away. We finally had to post the office hours on the door as people have started to come at all hours. I gave Everjoy a quick lesson on some of the Microsoft office products. She is like a sponge. She is the best kind of pupil, getting so excited every time she learns something new. There are just some people that breathe every breath of life and she exudes the love of Christ. She had not had the easiest path in life, but her faith gives her a demeanor of grace and Christ-likeness.

Once things had settled down in the office Adrienne, Jonathan, Trevor and myself headed down town for paperwork and final errands. Trevor stayed in town as the three of us headed over to snake world and the lion park. It was a nice two-hour break from the very hectic schedule we have been keeping. We ate lunch while we watched the baboons escaped and walk around the grounds. We were also in time to watch as the lions were fed their lunch. We were only two feet away in the car as they ate and occasionally “wrestled” with each other. We even got to see three baby cubs.

After the trip to the park we headed back into town and picked up an office chair we had purchased for Everjoy. What a blessing to once again see her face light up. We gathered up the group and headed out to the farm where Jonathan grew up. It was great to see his father again and meet more of his family. It was also very humbling to hear how he grew up, in a time where there was a distinct difference in how the “blacks and whites” lived. If you get the time please sit with him and hear his story. It is amazing how God can change and mold lives!!!

After the trip to the farm we headed back the office for dinner. Denford, a Dare to Share board member, was at the house to meet us for dinner. We taught him how to play UNO and got two games in before dinner. I think this game just might become the national pastime. It really was great to sit and talk with him. He has a true understanding of the ministry and where is could be headed. The information exchange was very valuable.

We had our final debrief meeting as the “original group”. I think this was a very final event that drove home the fact I am leaving early tomorrow morning. It was nice to share with each other the impact they have had on my life in the very short time I was here. My hope is that God has allowed me to make a small difference in the lives of the people of I have touched, both physically and spiritually. I am leaving behind three new family members. It was nice to hear them each say, I may have the skin of a white person, but my heart is black. I am told that in the Shona culture this is an extremely strong compliment.

Please look for more updates by Adrienne as she is not leaving until Friday as well as my final thoughts as I fly over the continent on my way back to the states. Baba, Trevor and Everjoy- CHISARAI ASI NDIRIKUKZOKA NEKUKURUMIDZA.

- Brian

Time for Reflection
(Wednesday September 27, 2006)

So I am sitting in row 35H about 80 minutes from London. Talk about time for reflection. The in total from Harare to London is 10 ½ hours. Plus we have been fighting a 70 mph headwind most of the way. Thankfully I am in an aisle seat with no one in the middle seat. There was lots of room to stretch out. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to everyone. It seems like once you settle in to the your surroundings and environment it is time to go. It was great to pray as a group before I left. There are so many different events that bring a smile to my face and will always be a fond remembrance. It will be very difficult to transition back into the states. It is going to take some time to process how I have changed and hope to change. I think you when have an event as profound as what awaited me in Zimbabwe you can never to back to the way you were before. It was amazing how each day God revealed his blessings and protection. There is so much work to be done. I am looking forward to sharing with you all personally what the experience meant to me.

Each member of the Dare to Share teams has such unique gifts and abilities. The most touching moments happened behind the scenes when no one was looking. People on the team are so humble and driven by their desire to serve God. They all have very drastic and poignant stories that have led them down to path of dedicating their lives to the people of their nation and their Savior. I would need more space than this blog to describe what an inspiration they are to me.

As I think about, what impact this trip will have on my life there are a few things that come to mind. First and foremost, it has sharply brought into focus what is important and what is not. Each trip to the continent is a stark reminder of what I do and do not need to survive. It is also a constant remember that my strength, talents and abilities are gifts that come directly from God. I am thinking more and more each person should take a trip somewhere out of his or her comfort zone God can have his way. It drives you to truly search yourself and determine what and who are your motivations. It was daily at the forefront of everything that happened in Zim.

This will be my last post pretty soon I will be whisking through London on my way back the states. I cannot wait to see you all and share this experience.

- Brian

Praise is to God for Everything
(Wednesday September 27, 2006)

Today was a sad day for the staff and new friends of Harare. Brian departed for London this morning changing the atmosphere around here. (Please keep him in your prayers as he is in London by the time you read this and will travel on to New York for a day of business and then home to Raleigh for Saturday.) I believe they are missing their new brother very much. I am now entering my last day here. I have had such a nice time meeting everyone and getting to meet soon of the beneficiaries of Dare to Share. Praise is to God for everything that He has accomplished while we were here. We are looking forward to sharing the amazing stories as we ministered around town and the future plans for this ministry. God steers and we are having a great time just being on board His ship.

Today we spent the day in meetings, preparing important documents for record keeping and looking over the 50 requests for school, others in need of food and others asking for help to learn a skill to make an income for the family. All hard decisions to make and can only be done with God’s help.

The men are playing their traditional UNO games as they wait for dinner to be readied by us. Mainly Everjoy tonight I am only her assistant. We have guests tonight for dinner as usual but this time it is Baba’s children tonight: Joyce, his first born and Parmenas, his fourth born and only son. I look forward to the evening meal as I meet new friends again tonight.

I have to mention that this last two weeks Jonathan’s sister Betty has been working for us. Keeping the place cleaned up and doing our laundry. She is amazing! Brian and I could not believe how wonderful our laundry smelled and she even presses the underwear. Yes! I did say underwear. Unbelievable. She puts me to shame.

I am looking forward to writing again tomorrow. Jonathan says hello to everyone back in the US. He is missing his wife terribly as she is missing him badly too. Please keep w\them in your prayers this night. Hello to all my family and friends in US and England. I look forward to seeing you soon. May God’s amazing Peace surround all of you tonight.

- Adrienne

Thank You
(Thursday September 28, 2006)

Today is the last day for me here in Zimbabwe. I have truly enjoyed my stay here in this country. Spring has always been a favorite of mine. Watching the earth spring to rebirth, all is new, just like us when we accepted Christ. Everjoy has become a sweet sister to me in Christ and I will cherish the memories of our time together. Yesterday I had mentioned Betty. Here is a picture of her. She is so sweet, she is pictured here with her two children and her dad. Yes, that would be Jonathan and Trevors dad too. Jonathan's dad is here for the evening, in from the farm he works at. He has worked there over 40 years!

The morning was spent working at the dare to share ministry office getting other paperwork together for Everjoy and the guys. Later in the afternoon we visited one of the beneficiaries who sews, she does great work. We had her meet us later back at the office to discuss making items for the art show in November. A little ad: Come join us at the Holiday Gift Extravaganza, Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 9 am-4 pm at Hope Chapel in Apex, NC. Stop by Jonathan booth and check out the items.

Baba has not been feeling well this last week. Please pray for his continued strength to be returned and that none of the rest of us get sick. He is a gentle spirited man, one that will be continued to remembered. He brings a peace to life. Trevor, Jonathan's little brother is a young man with a love for the lord. May they all continue to grow and walk with the Lord all their days. Thank you for welcoming me into your life and hearts. You have touched mine for a life time.

Please pray for Jonathan as he now will stay on for two more weeks here in Zimbabwe. Pray he finds the right property for the future of Dare to Share and at the right price too. Praising God for all of you back home for your prayers and love. See you next week. I am traveling on to England tomorrow to visit with family, some I have not seen in over 25 years. Hello to Mike, Amanda and Thomas I love you!

God's Peace.

- Adrienne

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