Dare to Share with Zimbabwe


Facts about Zimbabwe

Location: Landlocked country in southern Africa, located between the countries of South Africa and Zambia

Capital: Harare

Area: 150,872 square miles (390,757 sq. kilometers) Zimbabwe is slightly larger than the state of Montana.

Population: Estimated 15,000,000 people

Religions: 50% syncretic (part Christian, part indigenous beliefs); 25% Christian; 24% indigenous beliefs; 1% other

Landscape: Most of Zimbabwe is high plateau, allowing a pleasant climate throughout the year. Although it is a beautiful country, with scenery including the famous Victoria Falls, a drought has plagued the country since 1999.

History: Britain has historically controlled the country of Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia). The country gained independence from British control on April 18, 1980. About 98% of Zimbabweans are black, with 75% living in rural areas. The largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe is the Shona people (71%). The second largest group is the Ndebele people (16%). Although English is recognized as the official language in Zimbabwe, many people do not speak or understand English. There are well over one hundred spoken dialects (languages).

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